Stylized Pet Portraits

February 09, 2020 by rafa in 0 comments
Pet Portraits Did a pet photo session with the client (over 500 pictures taken!), to find the perfect 4 images that would fit some old classic photos she had provided. It was a great exercise in patience, as you can imagine pets don't usually listen to the photographer on how to pose.  Photography Photo editing Photoshop

NuLife Ventures

December 12, 2019 by rafa in 0 comments
projects developed for NuLife Ventures Above you can see some projects designed for large scale print for NuLife Ventures. The first one is a trifold brochure they give to their sales personel. You can also see banners they use to promote their business at events. I also created all the mockups for branded products they sell at their store. trifold brochure large scale display banners webstore


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DMCG - Development, Management & Consulting Group New logo for the company was designed first. I worked on the website (WordPress) and print materials for the company. I also maintain the company's hosting of their website and emails. Logo design trifold brochure business card design large scale display banners website

rijua – live on fire

June 16, 2015 by rafa in 0 comments
rijua - live on fire The rijua project was fun to work on. The band members requested a logo design that was basically their name on fire. It seemed pretty strait forward, until you find out how many different ways you can actually show something on fire. The band finally settled on the design above. They also needed a DVD with menus that allaowed the user to select the song they would like to see the band play. This was all put together in a DVD + ecosleeve finished product. It was awesome to see a project from idea to finished retail ready product.  logo design DVD and ecosleeve packaging design DVD architecting

Agroempresas Ke’Verde

September 05, 2014 by rafa in 0 comments
projects developed for Ke'Verde Above you can see projects developed for Agroempresas Ke’Verde. From a CMS website that allowed Ke'Verde team members to manage, to brochures and business cards.  cms website product brochure package labels/decals barcodes business cards  

The Rollett Report

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The Rollett Report logo and flyer Logo design for a Marketing podcast show on iTunes. It was also used on a printed newsletter which was part of the advertising for the show.  Logo design Flyer layout design


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Slide left to right to see before and after With the RV4Life project I was able to work with a client who was starting from the ground. The first step was to get the logo designed. The client had a rough idea of what he was looking for, se we had a meeting where we sketched up all the descriptions that would pop into his head. After a few revisions, we ended up with the large 4 with a road embeded in it. After the logo was selected, we moved on to creating graphics for his shopping cart website, designs for t-shirts and stickers, and many other products. This project included: Logo design Graphics for t-shirts Stickers Vanity license plates Graphics for website Product brochure Social media banners Business cards Promotional rack cards Banner stand   other projects for RV4Life

Promo Flyer for Festival

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promo flyer for music festival Flyer designed in Adobe InDesign. Client provided pictures and content.  Layout setup in InDesign File was setup for printing on the client side Graphics and objects created with Photoshop and Illustrator

eTV intro

September 28, 2011 by rafa in 0 comments
eTV intro/stinger This project was created in Adobe After Effects. The objects where all designed in Photoshop, brougth and animated in After Effects. The client used this intro on instructional videos on DVDs and video blogging.  Designed in Photoshop Animated and laid out in After Effects

Rich Dealers Daily Intro

April 06, 2010 by rafa in 0 comments
Rich Dealers Daily Intro clip used with the Rich Dealers Daily bloging clips.  Word cloud effect used for background texture Laid out and animated in After Effects