eTV intro

September 28, 2011 by rafa in 0 comments
eTV intro/stinger This project was created in Adobe After Effects. The objects where all designed in Photoshop, brougth and animated in After Effects. The client used this intro on instructional videos on DVDs and video blogging.  Designed in Photoshop Animated and laid out in After Effects

Rich Dealers Daily Intro

April 06, 2010 by rafa in 0 comments
Rich Dealers Daily Intro clip used with the Rich Dealers Daily bloging clips.  Word cloud effect used for background texture Laid out and animated in After Effects

WTF? intro

May 04, 2009 by rafa in 0 comments
WTF? intro Intro stinger for web blog "WTF? with Jim and Travis".  Logo design Animated in After Effects